The offer of court assistance for victims of violence

You can get free assistance with filing a report to the police and during the criminal proceedings if

  • you have been abused and injured by your (ex-) husband, partner or friend
  • you have been seriously threatened by him
  • you are being stalked by him
  • you are a relative of a violence victim who has died as a consequence of the abuse

If you are a party or a witness in any civil proceedings in factual connection with the subject matter of criminal proceedings in the course of which you have been given assistance as a victim, you can get our support for these civil proceedings as well.

We address our offers also to women who experience violence in lesbian relationships.

Court assistance in criminal proceedings comprises psycho-social support and guidance as well as legal advice and representation by a lawyer.
This assistance is meant to keep your stress caused by criminal proceedings at a minimum level and to put you in a position to safeguard your rights and claims to a maximum extent.

If and when appropriate, we

  • inform you about the consequences of a report to the police and about the structure of criminal proceedings
  • support you with your decision whether to file a report, with preparing and filing a report, and with preparing for subsequent court proceedings
  • organise a lawyer who will represent you in court free of charge
  • accompany you to the police, to the lawyer and to court.

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Court assistance helps – supports – empowers

If you are a victim of violence – especially by your partner – you may experience emotions of ambivalence, insecurity or fear in connection with a report to the police and subsequent proceedings at court. Considerable pressure may occur, combined with a desire for justice and/or a longing to forget what you have experienced as soon as possible. And you may even still be in danger and under threat.

The same is true of the civil proceedings, in which the violence you have suffered is brought up again and in which you face confrontation with the violent partner/relative yet again.

Your psycho-social court assistant will provide counsel, help you prepare your personal safety plan and, if necessary and you wish, she will organize psycho-social support for you also after court proceedings.